Monday, September 5, 2016

Blue Jets and B-52s

Roux and I got the opportunity to accompany a close friend's oldest son and his friend this morning on a permit hunt on "Public Land Ohio".  We had the longest walk in our section of the marsh, but it was well worth the effort!

We saw lots of birds of all flavors before shooting hours, and the action was reasonably steady throughout the morning.  Lots of shooting on the private marshes, and I have to believe we did as well as anyone on the public marsh. We managed 6 teal, including 1 GWT.  Mid-morning a small flock of geese locked in on my big spread of 2 goose dekes and the boys both doubled as I "watched".  Im not really that generous, I just couldn't shoot back over their heads...but no matter, 4 geese was enough weight for the trek back to the truck!

Roux was a workhorse, as always, making it just look easy.  Im blessed to have such a great hunting partner.

Roux cleaning up the Big Birds like a Pro! (click to watch video)

Thanks for an excellent morning, Gentelmen!

No limits by any means, but for public land in a state with precious few ducks, it was a banner day.  Many thanks to these fine young men for inviting an Old Man and a Brown Dog for a most memorable morning in the marsh!  Get out there and enjoy it, OUR time is finally here!!!  Getducks!

Until next time,
Brown is Beautiful

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