Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Mexican beaches, great food, and DUCKS! The Perfect Couples Getaway!!

For my 20th anniversary to my wonderful wife, I wanted to do something special. We wanted to do something a little different for us, and something we would both enjoy. Long story short, Ramsey Russell with getducks.com hooked us up with a great trip to the Mexican Pacific coast, which just happened to also offer great duck hunting! We invited two other couples to share in this little piece of heaven.

The resort was beautiful, and we were greeted to our view of the Pacific from our balcony...

We spent the late afternoon and evening enjoying the sites and a walk down the beach

Did see some birds but we were looking for something bigger

For the next 4 mornings, we were treated to some of the best duck hunting I could imagine, within 1.75 hours of the resort. Limits for all of us every day, and generally within 1.5 hours. We were often back to the resort before our ladies had finished breakfast!

A few select pics....

Regarding birds, we were able to shoot quite a mixed bag.  We shot lots of shovelers, teal (all species), wigeon, pintails, bluebills and even some black-bellied tree ducks.  

The rest of the day was spent either sightseeing, shopping with the ladies, or just doing NOTHING at the pool. I NEVER get to do NOTHING, so this was a special treat! 

Evenings were for enjoying the UNBELIEVABLE sunsets and eating amazing seafood.....

Not sure which sight is more beautiful, but then again, I'm biased...

We returned home reluctantly, for sure. It was an unbelievable trip on so many levels. Certainly it wont be the last time...

A quick word on security/safety in Mexico. The American media and the Dept of State would have you believe you cant safely poke your nose off the plane anywhere in Mexico. At least where we were in Mazatlan no one even looked at us sideways. We encountered plenty of other Americans and Canadians who wouldnt go anywhere else... The shops, resorts, restaurants were very friendly and safe.

If you are looking for the perfect couples trip (and to get in a little duck hunting too), look no farther!!

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